This is my first blog dedicated to all proud owners of pets!

I often thought how could one think of their pet as their own child, family member, younger sibling, etc,  until my brother surprised me with a 6 months old orange cheeked, Cockatiel.

My shy bird was named Pogo, to which he started responding in about two weeks. He whistled, he played, he showed some of his best moves, he IMPRESSED all those who came to meet our new sibling, brother from another mother!

Soon we got attached to Pogo and vice versa. He ate only when personally fed. Among things that were his favourite, he loved to have tea the most! He could do anything for a sip of tea….

Between us humans and as a bird, he was the one who got emotionally attached to us as well. If we had to leave house, on saying bye to Pogo, he would understand that we are leaving him alone. He would turn his face towards the wall expressing his anger! This made us feel so loved! This made us realise what relations are and that they can be between any two different species created by the God.

We loved Pogo like our child, he loved us back!

And yes, it is wisely said that one who writes has either gone through a deep grief or extreme joy… My purpose of writing this first blog is grief!

Unfortunately, our Pogo met with an accident and his little soul passed away. We wept, we mourned but he was gone and I may say he was FREE.

I miss you Pogo.